Patient Testimonials

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Medical cannabis has changed my life by giving me safe and affordable access to quality products that improve my symptoms. I don't worry about availability because the dispensaries have ample amounts of various products to choose from. Also, they are open daily and have convenient hours of operation. So I never worry about running out of medicine.


Relief from pain, nausea, sleeplessness, and depression due to Cancer. It has boosted my energy and mood which allows me to be available and productive.


I have a serious back injury and have undergone multiple surgeries.  This all causes me chronic, terrible pain every day.  Since I started using medical marijuana, I am able to sleep at night and I have noticeable relief from the muscle spasms and the pain itself.  The staff at has been patient and kind as I continue to search for the combination of products that treat my symptoms most effectively, including the chronic anxiety that comes with the uncertainty of a future living every day with severe pain.  I would suffer greatly if not for the help of cannabis and the staff.  I remain able to work full time, walk my dog, and other basic life activities that those with healthy bodies take for granted.  I am very grateful for the measure of relief that medical cannabis has given me.


Have been dealing with pain because of arthritis for many years. Using medical cannabis provides me with daily relief from some of the pain and helps me to focus on doing things that I enjoy.


I was on opioids for three years for back pain and spasms. I started losing my mind as the opioids changed me. I am now off opioids for over a year now and my doses have decreased since taking oral tincture.


In about two months I have gone from 70 pain pills a week down to 40. I have been trying for years to decrease the amount I took and never was able to succeed. My goal is to take pain pills when needed instead of daily and with medical marijuana I can finally see the light!