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We strive to be as accessible as possible for our patients and customers. We have locations all across the United States. Find out if our dispensaries are in your area.

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As one of the oldest and largest operators, we feel it’s our responsibility to identify and effectively fill gaps in the industry. Whether it’s the industry’s first credit card, first cannabis discovery tool, or first to bring products to market, we’re always innovating so we can share our passion for the plant with as many people as possible.


At Columbia Care, we care deeply about our patients, customers and employees. Caring is in our name and it’s in our DNA. We believe in the creation of safe and trusted products that better the lives of our friends, families and neighbors. We are proud of and passionate about the high-quality products we grow and make, the best-in-class services we deliver, and the difference we make in people’s lives. If you’re hoping to cultivate your career in cannabis, join us today.


Our brand portfolio was created with our patients and customers in mind to meet a broad range of needs. With a focus on clean cultivation and superior quality, our products meet high standards of potency, purity and predictability. Learn more about our family of brands.

Leading the Industry

Columbia Care is leading the industry in product quality and expertise, as well as removing barriers to access for medical cannabis.

From introducing the U.S.’s first legal credit card for cannabis purchases, to starting the 100 million ways to break the opioid crisis research initiative, to advocating for access for patients of all types around the U.S. and the world, we have led the way in this industry and will continue to do so for the good of our business and our patients. As an experienced multi-state operator, some of our key achievements include six-plus years of strong organic growth, 1 million patient sales transactions, 63 facilities in operation or development, and 39 licenses in 15 markets.

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