With legalization come hopes that cannabis could be a lucrative crop in New Jersey

November 9, 2020

It was no surprise to Michael Di Croce when New Jersey voters approved a referendum Tuesday allowing anyone 21 and older to smoke marijuana recreationally.

For two years, Di Croce, the mayor of Shamong Township, Burlington County, has been pitching his Pinelands community as a potential marijuana epicenter in anticipation of legalization. His goal was to use the resulting revenue to lower local property taxes and maybe even build a community center with an Olympic size pool.

Adam Goers, a vice president at Columbia Care, a large, publicly traded marijuana company, already has medical marijuana operations in Vineland, Cumberland County. There are currently 100,000 medical marijuana users in the state medical marijuana program.

“The region’s been growing agricultural products for hundreds of years,’ Goers said. “It’s really well positioned to be a leader in marijuana cultivation and processing.”

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