Pharmaceutical Quality Products

As one of the largest multi-state operators of medical cannabis, Columbia Care continues to be a leading choice for patients seeking reliable, pharmaceutical quality medical cannabis. We provide a balanced portfolio of superior brands across the entire health and wellness spectrum.

With 100 million people in the U.S. suffering from debilitating conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, endometriosis, and PTSD, to name a few, and when so many of the current solutions are suboptimal & dangerous, there’s a massive unmet need for reliable, safer solutions.  We aim to provide a better alternative, through the highest quality cannabis and plant-based medicine.

Packaging for items in Columbia Care medical marijuana product line

Quality Medical Brands

Our proprietary patent-pending medical brands TheraCeed™, ClaraCeed™ and EleCeed™ are pharmaceutical-quality and come in a variety of formats, including hard-pressed tablets, suppositories, vapes, and lotions.

Precision and Consistency

We deliver precise formulations, targeted delivery, and exact dosage with 2% API variability.

Diverse Formats

We provide diverse medical formats, including hard-pressed tablets, suppositories, vapes, lotions, and other formats, including innovations underway to better meet the diverse needs of our patients.

Through unparalleled quality, innovation, patient-centric service, and a commitment to customer well-being, Columbia Care has earned a celebrated reputation for excellence in all we do. Our brands and products bring quality, value, and innovation forward to create stronger, healthier patients and communities.