1. What is Cannabist?

More than a dispensary, Cannabist will provide an experience built on unmatched knowledge, passion, community commitment and product standards. We’re a place to learn about cannabis as well explore different experiences – a cultural hub that features tasteful decor, a knowledgeable staff like yourselves, and quality products.

2. What is the Cannabist mission?

To elevate cannabis into a higher experience.

3. When is this happening?

Over the next few months, you will begin to see changes in our retail locations. We will continue to operate normal business hours! We can’t wait to introduce you to our new look, enhanced retail features and celebrate with a grand opening. Be sure to opt into our email and text message for the most updated information.

4. Will my doctor need to do anything?

No. You will be able to shop our stores during the transition and officially as the Cannabist.

5. Will I keep earning rewards points?

Yes – our rewards program will not be interrupted during this transition.

6. How do I contact my local Cannabist?

Our locations and phone numbers will not be changing! Stay tuned for our new website, social media handles and email contact. For now you can contact us with any questions at florida@gocannabist.com.