There Is No McDonald’s Of Marijuana: Why Cannabis Companies Get This Wrong, And What Might Actually Work

October 13, 2020

Despite the best efforts of American capitalism, there is no Coca-Cola or McDonald’s “of marijuana.” And thanks to federal prohibition, there won’t be, at least for a while. And even if there is, standardization just isn’t what most cannabis users want

“We’re coming to the realization that we’re never going to be able to be a Bud Light right now, or a McDonald’s. That’s just not going to happen,” said Jesse Channon, the “chief growth officer” at Columbia Care.

Columbia Care is a “multi-state operator” (MSO) in the cannabis space, headquartered in New York City, with retail operations in ten states and Washington, D.C. As such, Columbia Care is trying to prepare for a landscape when there are national brands.

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